Pokemon Go for Android – Download

Pokemon Go for Android is now made available for download. This can be installed from Android or iOS store in Australia, New Zealand and the US. It will be made available soon in the UK.

Download Pokemon Go for Android

Pokemon Go

The popularity of Pokemon Go has made servers a bit flaky since sometimes it is not possible and at other times avatar in the game gets stuck and then you have to re-login. Steps are being taken to solve these server issues.

Even though the game has not been made available in the UK it can still be installed on Android and iOS.

Pokemon Go for Android APK

First, download Pokemon Go APK, which is the official version of the game from play store. Follow the settings where you need to tell your phone to accept APKs from third party sources.Follow security and scroll down until seeing a checkbox for “Unknown sources.”After completion, open the Pokemon Go APK downloaded.

Pokemon Go for iOS

Pokemon Go for Android

Change iTunes Store/Apple ID location to New Zealand initially before download. It can be done in settings.Open Settings, tap iCloud and then sign out. Next, click “Create a new Apple ID,” and follow the prompts to make an account in New Zealand.In payment details, select none and any kiwi address will do in kiwi address (a bank, a government building, etc.).

Another method is to change location on existing Apple ID. Go to Settings, iTunes & Apple Store, tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen, and then View Apple ID. Tap Country/Region and then Change Country/Region. Again, you don’t need to provide payment details, but you’ll need an address.

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go, developed by Ingress creator Niantic Labs is free to play the game where players have to capture Pokemon hidden in the real world. It displays Pokemon on a map using GPS and camera, and players must then explore their local area to capture different breeds.

Pokemon can be found anywhere in any locations; players have to travel to where Pokemon is located.

Water-type Pokemon will only be visible by lakes and oceans, while PokeStops that let you stock up on poke Balls are found around museums and monuments.

A small wrist-worn device called Pokemon Go Plus is to be released with this.This device allows players to know where Pokemon appears. The device has not yet come to sale.