Pokemon Go Android APK Free Game Download

The video game, Pokemon Go with the realistic features for smartphones, is to be released soon.

People looking for downloading Pokemon GO for Android or iPhone can download the game from our website. This website can be trusted for safe and free download and also free from virus or any other damage. The site provides both Beta as well as full game download. The site managed to get the copy of the game from some sources in the Pokemon developers team.

Pokemon GO

The Pokemon going to be released in real world with this game along with Pokemon Go Plus which is a device used as a watch or wristband to get notifications about the various events of the game.

Many changes been made in new version of the game like multiplayer mode, allowing to create our own team and elements of new version improved and based on real data.

Pokemon Go Photos

The major improvement made in the new version is the wrist band called Pokemon Go Plus. The band connects to smartphones through bluetooth and enables players to get alert about different events of game.

Even if the game has not been officially released but is made available in our website.It can be downloaded in easy and fast way even without filling out any form or completing the survey.